Kates Playground

First Impressions

After my first glimpse of Kate I know this is going to be one of my favorite review assignments ever. She’s gloriously beautiful and her body is exceptional. I can’t get over how utterly perfect she looks in the preview images I’ve been given and how excited I am to see more of her. Kate is indescribably beautiful, her body is perfect, and she gets topless in almost every gallery, which is just about all you can ask of a teen model on the web. There’s plenty to look forward to here and I can’t wait to see what more she has to show me.

Hot Promises

Kate opens her site with a warm welcome letter talking about why she launched her website and walk you can expect inside. She does two cam shows a week at different times so people in every time zone can experience her. She also uploads videos from her cam shows for those that missed them. There are picture galleries, video clips, and wallpapers inside for you to download. The update calendar indicates that she adds a new gallery every week and videos and wallpapers in between. This looks like a pretty solid site and I’m looking forward to the member’s area.


When you get inside the member’s area you’re likely to be blown away by the many sections of the site you can visit. In addition to the usual pictures and videos there are wallpapers, a store, a wishlist, bonus content, webcam info, the forums and more. It’s thoroughly impressive that she has produced such a well rounded site. The member’s area looks very much like the tour; they haven’t changed the color or the layout. The only difference is now you can actually see the content and you’re subjected to many more advertisements, which are a little annoying.

Instead of bothering with that skip over the advertisements and proceed to the picture galleries. There you’ll find an astounding 340+ galleries she’s shot over the years her site has been active. If you browse to the first galleries that were ever uploaded to the site you can trace the evolution of Kate from a cute teenager into a self assured sexpot in her young 20s. The oldest galleries have 20-30 pictures and look like they were shot in someone’s basement with bad lighting and little care towards what Kate was wearing.

After a few months they got their act together and spruced Kate up so she looked like the supermodel she was aspiring to be. They also purchased a much better camera and turned this into one of the best solo babe sites the web has to offer. Kate is truly one of the most beautiful models working today and her picture galleries are a testament to that. Unlike many babes in this genre Kate eschews the typical teen themed photo galleries where the girl poses in a pastel colored t-shirt and jeans and smiles blindly at the camera.

Instead she prefers to show off her luscious body in the sexiest outfits possible, including scores of hot lingerie, slutty dresses, and tight outfits. She has a small supply of costumes as well so Kate the schoolgirl can be found in a few galleries. I enjoy the lingerie galleries the most, but there isn’t a picture gallery here that I didn’t get a small thrill out of. Some were mind blowingly hot. For all except the oldest galleries you can choose between a high or medium resolution set of images, or you can queue up the slideshow and let the server do the work for you.

With so many great galleries available it’s never been harder to choose a favorite, but somehow I managed to select a few. The first features Kate in a leather bra and panty set. The panties are miniscule and the bra gives her breasts even more perk than they usually have. I’ve always enjoyed a babe in leather but Kate really sets the bar high. My second favorite gallery goes the opposite direction and features Kate in a somewhat demure sweater and skirt set as she works at her desk. I’m a big fan of a tight sweater and she looks great in this one. She’s also wearing tight pantyhose that shine in the light when she takes her skirt off. Of course, she also shows us her tits, as she does in every picture gallery.

In addition to her regular picture galleries Kate has uploaded nine sets of candid images taken at adult webmaster conventions, parties she has attended, nights on the town, and more. In most she can be seen posing with other girls, some that you’ll probably recognize from other sites. Once again, all the images are smoking hot.

Moving on from the pictures you’ll find yourself in the videos section. There are more than 135 clips for download and each shows you Kate’s lovely body in live action. The same outfits featured in the picture galleries pop up here, and in some cases she’s putting on quite a show. Some of the videos are just filmed version of the photo shoots, which is hugely disappointing because that couldn’t be a more boring thing to watch. However, some are specially filmed just for the members and those are a pleasure to watch. Kate really knows how to work the camera and she looks great as she dances and strips for her members.

The most recent videos are offered in a high resolution WMV and a lower resolution file. The older videos can only be downloaded in the lower resolution file. Some videos have been split into multiple parts, so you’ll never be looking at a clip longer than 5 minutes or so. My favorite video is a two parter in which Kate dresses in a pair of skin tight leather pants and a tight black top. Once again every babe looks great in leather and Kate looks better than most.

The videos don’t end with those made especially for the member’s area. There’s also a section with more than 75 hot webcam videos uploaded from past shows. If you happen to miss a show you can check this section and you’ll probably be able to download it. These are different from the videos in that Kate’s sole purpose is to play to the camera and those sitting at their computers watching the show. She really knows how to work the lens and as always she looks foxy as hell. There are supposed to be live shows, but at the moment Kate doesn’t have any on the schedule so I can’t confirm that. As if the webcam videos weren’t enough you can also view picture galleries from past webcam shows.

Kate has an online store that remains the only thing I dislike about the site. In the store you can pay exorbitant sums of money for images sets and videos of Kate showing her pussy or hooking up with other chicks. The sets are smoking hot of course, but you’ll pay almost as much for them as you did for your membership to the more than 340 galleries and 200 combined videos. I’d recommend staying far away from the store unless you’re blessed with lots of discretionary cash.

The games page features three simple games that you can play to reveal exclusive pictures of Kate. The better you do the more pictures you get to see. Keep in mind that these games are the only place on the site you can see those pictures. The outtakes section is filled with the silly shots that didn’t quite make it into the final image sets. You’ll see lots of images of Kate sticking her tongue out at the camera, laughing, goofing off, and more. There are also a few amusing videos interspersed.

The wallpapers section offers more than 90 downloadable desktop decorations, each in four resolutions. They’ve all been created by a skilled hand and show Kate in some of her best images. There’s a journal you can browse through that Kate seems to update roughly once a month. She drops little tidbits of information about her life, the site, etc. It’s a pretty good way to get to know her a little bit if you’re interested. If you’re feeling generous you can browse Kate’s wishlist and send her a gift. Sometimes she’ll wear that gift in a picture set, which would be pretty cool. Just in case you need a little extra content Kate offers you a selection of 20 free galleries starring some of her friends from around the web and 12 free videos.

Croco’s Opinion

This is probably the longest review I’ve ever written, and it’s because KatesPlayground is such a huge site and Kate is such a beautiful babe. There are few girls that deserve such attention, but she’s one of them. She’s easily one of the most popular solo babes on the web and there’s a damn good reason for that. Not only is she exceptionally beautiful but she’s a hard worker that’s constantly producing new content. I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to join this site, unless you only love blondes.


There are a ton of content sections at the site but it’s a breeze browsing to any of them. The picture galleries are easy to use and the video downloads are clearly laid out.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. If you sign up for 30 days it’s $29.95 and $24.95 recurring after that. If you sign up for 90 days you get one month free and only have to pay $59.95.

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